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Zinc Alloy 

For tough applications Zincaloy ZA-12 continuously cast bar and bearing stock (solid & hollow) is recommended. ZA-12 has been successfully applied in many demanding applications including compressor connecting rods and pillow blocks, bucket bearings, dragline bearings, rotating and oscillating bearings, thrust washers and wear plates.

• Cost Effective for O.E.M. and replacement bearings.

• Offers longer bearing life, low coefficient of friction

• Prevents shaft and pin damage, protects housings from deformation due to pounding

• Zincaloy ZA-12 meets ASTM B86

• Embeds foreign particles well

• Provides emergency dry running performance

• Excellent Machinability

• Lighter weight, 32% lighter than bronze

• Meets ASTM standards-Lead Free composition

• Excellent corrosion resistance

• In many cases can be substituted for SAE660 bronze

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